Client List: This is just a partial list of clients that Silvertone Mastering has served over the last few decades (the whole list would take up far too many pages)...

Recording Artist:

Tony Levin
Marco Minnemann
Jordan Rudess
Killer B
David Torn Http://
Bryan Thomas
Ali Ryerson
The Levin Bothers
Murali Coryell
Katie Haverly
Copper and Congress
Dangerous Dan Toler
Birds of the Northeast
Gary Tash
Chuck D'Aloia
Marcus Ruggiero
Pete Levin
George Woods
Ryan Sweezey  
Living In Question
Gil Evans Orchestra
Callen Sisters
Michelle Van Kleef
Ben Broussard
Alan White
Marco Santilli  
Manhattan Rob
Jordan Barnes
Tas Cru
Marilyn Held  
Brian chip Birge
Jill Cohen
Myles Davis  
Matt Smith Band
Chris Ward  
Terry Plunket  
Mathew O'Neill  
George Muscatello  
John Giotto  
Good Fiction
Agency Mike and Jeremy  
Ben and Anita
Jeremy Jones  
Becky Pine
Plan T  
Mark Visconti

Record Companies:

LazyBones Records
JVC Victor Japan
Papa Bear Records
MCA Records
Atlantic Records
Tommy Boy Records

Film companies and content providers:

Robert Etoll Productions  
Elephant Music / Warner Chapel  
Q Factory  
3 Visual Media  
Maggie Levin  
Lawrence White  


Eddie Kramer
Malcolm Burn
Tchad Blake
Tony Lash
Rick Bates  
Giovanni Fusco  
Tony Perrino
Jeremy Jones  
Matt Smith
Arne Louison
Gary Tash  
Calvin May  
Scott Schoor
Scott MacPherson  
Lara Persia
Neumann M49

Just listened to the master all the way through. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL!! YOU ABSOLUTELY KILLED THE RECORD!!

Stunning, hardcore, insane A++ job. I am SO grateful you put so much of yourself into mastering this beast. I can’t thank you enough....

Scott Schoor
Owner: Lazy Bones Records

Hi Larry,

I’m about 6 listens into the album, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You completely nailed the sound I personally wanted for the album... heavy, modern rock with a vintage softness. You highlighted the best parts of the mixes and smoothed the remaining issues.

I also love the timings of the sequences .. they are perfect .. They keep the album moving forward at a nice clip but still give just long enough for the "mental meters" to come *almost* all the way down :)

The album cohesion blends beautifully, and you’ve given a unique stamp on it’s overall qualities.. You can tell each of these songs were from *this* album. Stunning, beautiful sound. It’s now a real record.

I personally can’t think of anything that needs to be addressed.

Larry, Fantastic job... I hope to bring many more projects to you in the future.

Thanks ever so much again,
Edward Becker – Eltmon Productions

I have had Larry master two of my records and both times my expectations were exceeded. Larry is a brilliant engineer and very sensitive to his client’s needs. Larry invited me into his mastering studio for my first record we did together to explain and share his process and creative choices with me and I so appreciated that as an artist. I would recommend Larry and Silvertone Mastering so highly for anyone looking to transform their work into a beautiful, professional exceptional recording.

Katie Haverly – Recording Artist


Got the cd’s. sounds great! I plugged silvertone mastering today on the radio.

Thanks for the info, your patience and exellent work.

Murali Coryell

I recently had my bands latest release mastered by Larry at Silvertone Mastering and I could not be happier! Professional, knowledgeable, the man has an amazing set of ears and his equipment is to die for!!! But the best part, he knows his gear inside and out and he knows how to make it do what he needs it to. I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences with Larry at Silvertone Mastering and I will definitely be using his services again. TOP NOTCH!!!!

Arne Louison – Recording Artist

I’ve had Silvertone master my last few albums and the results have been great. Not only does Larry spend time explaining and demonstrating the options to me, but if needed, he can be trusted to just do it on his own without my input. Great gear, great ears, very professional... I can get mastering done a lot of places around the world, and I’ve chosen Silvertone.

tony levin – (world famous) recording artist

Album Covers

Just took a long nap after being up for most of 3 days plugging the LEV TORN WHITE CD. Released yesterday & entered Top 50 of Amazon!! Pretty killer. So feeling better & loaded up your Michele WAV files into iTunes.


And that’s how I feel about the job you did on the Michele songs. Dude, you are ONE BAD A** MASTERING DUDE.

Much respect,
Scott @ Lazy Bones


S*** sounds tight, great job!!!!! Everyone will get to hear this Friday night at practice, but I took a listen earlier and it pounds ahahhah.

Paul Sacchetti – Dead Lift

HOLY F***ING S***! These CDs sound amazing! I’ve just done a spot check and haven’t dug into them, but that’s my first reaction right out of the gate.
I played some for our engineer and he was actually choked up by how good they sounded. You’re the best, Larry. I’ll give them a close listen later this evening, but I can’t imagine any changes being necessary (except maybe deleting "Pony" but I’m holding out hope that we can clear it soon).

Thanks so much. You’ve made me look like I actually know what I’m doing.

Joel Hurd
NPR Radio Engineer

The album sounds ridiculous and I just want to thank you again for doing such a great job mastering it. I wish we had known all that we know after talking to you, then we coulda given you some more appropriate mixes to work with. Though I do like the low end this album has.

Thanks again for your hard work; it’s really made the album sound great!

Mark Petronis
Lead Guitar – Bipolar